Sending Power of Attorney to India

Planning to buy or sell property in India? But no plans to visit in near future. Sending a Power of Attorney would be a solution. How? Here is the step by step process

Documents Required:-

  • POA format
  • Passport and Visa
  • Passport photograph
  • Id and address proof

Steps for creation:-

  • Get the POA format ready and print it on the plain paper
  • Sign it on every page also from 2 witnesses with their address
  • Get the papers attested from the public notary. Carry address and id proof also
  • Public notary attestation can be done at state department as well be we came to know that later
  • Public notary will also provide one form on which needs to be provided to the state department for apostillisation
  • Take all the documents to department of state in our case we went to Sacramento
  • Department of state will put seal on POA format and return back to you. They accept fee from Debit/Credit cards
  • Next step is to get xerox of attested POA, download and fill miscellaneous application form and affix passport photo on form before going to consulate
  • Get the money order / cashier check of $22 in favor of “Consulate General of India, San Francisco”. Additional $10 is for photograph attestation.
  • Submit all documents to consulate (attested POA, copy of address and ID proof, passport and visa)
  • Submit money order / cashier check to other counter and they will provide receipt/token to get documents back.
  • They will keep the original passport with all documents, Return window opens at 4 PM attested POA and original will be returned.

Some pointers: –

  • Print POA document single sided
  • Department of state office opens at 8 am, try to reach there as soon as they open since it will be crowded later.
  • Document submission at consulate will not take much time if you have all documents in ready.
  • Don’t forget to carry original passport to consulate they will verify original passport.
  • Since POA will be registered in India, send it through proper channel( USPS/UPS etc.) since envelope will also need to be presented to registrar.

Statistics :-


Time taken to figure out the process 1 weekend
Attestation form public notary 15 mis
Apostillisation 10 min
Document submission at consulate ½ hr
End to end processing time 1 week

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