City of the gods – Teotihuacan

Until we reached Teotihuacan (slight tongue twister to pronounce), we weren’t aware that we are about to see the third largest pyramid in the world, Pyramid of the Sun. It is fascinating to that the pyramids were built thousands of years ago are still standing, and we had a chance to climb and experience them.

Background – Teotihuacan is an ancient Mesoamerican city located 50 km north-east of Mexico City.

We were based near Monument to the Revolution in Mexico City and had planned to go to Auto Bus del Norte bus station and then taking 1 hour bus ride from there.

Bus dropped us at gate#1, after getting the tickets and entering into the site, the first thing we saw was ruins of the city: old drainage, passages, kitchen, rooms etc.

  • Quetzalcoatl temple – this structure contains number of rooms, corridors and hallways. At the end there is a large balcony to get the view of entire site.

  • Avenue of the dead – name for the main road passing through from middle of the city. On both side of the road buildings are arranged symmetrically and at the center there is a large stage which can be accessed by stairs.

Pyramid of the Moon – This is actually a starting point of Avenue of dead. Top portion of pyramid is not in a good shape and cannot be accessed. You can only climb half way up to this pyramid and look around.

Pyramid of the Sun – 3rd largest pyramid in the world and it is huge. Step stairs will make you go out of breath but views from the top are fantastic and allow you to survey just how massive the site is.

Some points:-

  • Be prepared to climb both the pyramids. Views from both are great and highly recommended
  • Wear comfortable shoes, clothes and shades, the day we went was hot and sunny
  • Carry water and some ready to eat snacks
  • Apply sunscreen and to avoid getting burnt
  • Site opens at 8Am and we were there at 9:30AM. This time is less hot and crowded of the day

The whole trip to Teotihuacan was incredible and can be ranked alongside Chichen Itza. Entire experience was breathtaking and a must see for Mexico trip.

Thanks for reading. Happy traveling!!! 👋


Started from Auto Bus del Norte bus station
∑ Travel time 1hr
∑ Miles walked 1.5
∑ Time spent 3.5hrs

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