The magical mountain – Taranaki

“The best part of journey is the surprise and wonder along the way” – Ken Poirot

Yes!! The Best part of journey comes from the last moment unplanned trips. When you decide to ditch the map and start finding your own way.

During our New Zealand visit in Nov 2016 Mt. Taranaki was never a part of our itinerary. We were skeptical when we started with our detour route. Yo!! It turned out to be a pleasant surprise and turned out to be worth driving.

We started our long drive from pebbled roads and dense forests, with “no service” available in cell phones. After 5 hrs of drive when we first got the glimpse of Mt Taranaki, my heart sank! 😍. Taranaki one of the most handsome and distinctive volcano I have seen. It is also a most symmetrical and conical of its kind, may be that’s why more often compared with Mount Fuji (Japan).

As soon as we reached there, started hunting for the spots where we can get our best Instagram. Ideally you can get many photos of Mount Taranaki from miles around in every direction. We entered from the east of Egmont national park and drove around in this sequence.👇

  • Pembroke Road – one the best places to get the best and uninterrupted pictures. This one is one of the entry points for Egmont national park as well. Depending on how near to the mountain you would like to be, as long as it’s a clear day you will able to get good shots. Lovely greens in the foreground with snow capped mountain in background. Postcard perfect is’t it?

  • Dawson Falls – Falls itself are good to capture if you are ready to hike and have a spare hour. Near car park climb the lookout Tower to get the brilliant vistas.

  • Lake Mangamahoe – this lake is a beautiful piece of jungle and a place to see Taranaki from another perspective. Drive till the end of park road till you find mount in the lakes background. Bonus part of this place is, you’ll get great reflections of mountain in the still water. However, we were not so lucky to get some good reflections due to gusts 😔

  • Cape egmont – A short detour off highway 45 this road will dead-end at the coast. There you will find this beautiful old lighthouse and stunning view of the coast edge. This was a good spot for us to have a break and stretch the legs before we start our long drive down the coast. We saw lot of pictures where mountain appearing as a blurry background of lighthouse. Here also we couldn’t get one, by the time we reached there weather has changed and it started drizzling.

Some pointers:-

  • In case you are interested to hike the mountain trails, plan your time accordingly
  • Check the weather forecast for your trip day, weather changes are so frequently in this region even in summer also
  • If you are not a fan of bare mountains(so are we), plan it sometime in spring or early summer


Started drive from Lake Taupo
∑ Miles driven 220
∑ Miles walked 0.8
∑ Time spent 9hrs

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