Island of Women – Isla Mujeres

Travelling is the best school I have ever been to. Every journey changes my attitude to see the world and changes my perception towards life. It has strengthened our relationship as a husband and wife. Added countless memories to cherish and many more to come. Touchwood!!! 😀

Just scribbling my thoughts… Sorry!! All this has nothing do with my current blog.

During our last Mexico visit we landed in Cancun. For 2 days we were just relaxing and visited Chichen Itza, then we thought to explore nearby places.

On the 3rd day of our stay we took an Ultramar ferry from Punta Sam ferry terminal. It was a super windy day, wind gust were blowing at the speed of 11mph. Finally, after this fun filled, roller coaster like ride of ½ hr we arrived at Isla Mujeres.

To roam and to explore it end to end, we decided to rent a bike. We started from north. Here is the list of places in the order we visited.

Playa Norte – It’s a beach located at the northmost tip of island, if I go as per reviews, it’s a beautiful and calm beach with white powdery sand. But the day we were there it was all vacant after high waves and people were warned to stay way. So we just strolled around clicked and left.

Mia Reef is a dead end of the island at the north east end, it’s a hotel built on top of reef. We took a “U-turn” from there and headed towards south.

Punta Sur – Southernmost end of island is historic site of mayan ruins. There is a statue of the mayan goddess Ixchel, who was the goddess of fertility and the Moon. Apart from that some modern statues are also there.

Mayan ruins are still there however it was just few them left. But there is an amazing view you can get from the site

Cliff of the Dawn – Then we followed a trail along the side of the cliffs to the “Cliff of the Dawn”. This site is the easternmost point of the country, and the first place to get the sunlight in Mexico. Don’t forget to stop at bayview point to get some good pictures of ocean.

Market and streets in Isla Mujeres are colorful and inexpensive. Lot of options for collectibles and craft items, price depends on your negotiation skills. Can’t say about restaurants as we haven’t tried any.

Many buildings are covered with artistic murals, we found many of them painted at every street and corner. I am sure each of them carries a message and deeper meaning.

Some pointers:-

  • Carry your driving license, it is must unless you are not planning to walk
  • When you rent a bike or a golf car, dealer keeps your driving license as a security. They will return it later with bike
  • We haven’t visited the underwater museum. If it’s a part of your itinerary, plan your time accordingly.
  • It’s recommended to check the weather before visiting the island

Thanks for reading. Happy traveling!!! 👋


Started from Cancun
∑ Travel time 20-30 min
∑ Miles driven 3
∑ Miles walked Not much
∑ Time spent 2 hrs

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