Cotswolds – a photographer’s paradise

Have you ever had a romantic dream? Honey-colored cottages, small stone footbridges, narrow smoky streets and river running through. Fairytale is’t it?

First glimpse of cotswolds left us speechless. Some cottages seem hundreds of year old but they have aged so gracefully through the years and well preserved till today.

You can walk from one end of village to the other within minutes. Streets are surrounded by manicured gardens, beautiful flowers and hanging baskets all around. There are gift shops, tea houses and Victorian style old markets.

There is so much to cover in just 1 day. Yes!! Unfortunately that’s the only time we had.

Here are 7 prettiest towns to visit in cotswolds

Castle combe – this village has been used in many movies, in 1967 ‘Dr Dolittle’ was filmed in the village starring Rex Harrison and Anthony Newley. Castle Combe was transformed into the seaport of Puddleby-on-the-Marsh. It’s a little charming village with one world war I memorial at the entrance, there is a church built in 15th century and the oldest tower clock in England. Be prepared to walk up-n-down the hill, It has a stunning street at the bottom with houses alongside the river. Walking in the village is like taking a step back in time – no street lighting, satellite dishes, aerials or telephone poles, quiet, picturesque and a wonderful place to recharge your batteries.

Bibury – From photography perspective this one was my favorite out of all. Mainly 2 main streets we found. First one running parallel to river and small footbridge on it. Second one is called “Arlington Row” which has small cottages in row. These cottages reportedly are one of the most photographed buildings in the UK, but it has got a good does from us well. The views and impressions do depend on the season you are visiting. Planning your Cotswolds visit? It’s a must visit place.

Burford – it’s not a village more like a medieval market town, compared to other Cotswold villages, Burford is like a metropolis. But it has its own charm. Main street is market and can be a quick stop for washroom and tea/coffee beak. If you have some more spare time visit craft and gift shops. Honestly we haven’t found much for photography here.

Lower slaughter -This is a quiet village near Bourton on the Water. Bourton is crowded with tourists, the pretty village of Lower Slaughter seems ignored. Strolling around felt like a Venice of Cotswolds to us.. Funny but true 😊😊. There is a small canal running in parallel to every street. At end of main street there is lake type of structure with old mill. It used to be a working and serving model but now it’s a good picture spot with museum. The Old Mill Museum is just a short walk away from the street parking and easily found. We were able to catch some good pictures of church and cemetery nearby.

Burton-on-the-water – Beautiful village alongside of river, small arch-like footbridges and white swans. Just do click and walk on the lane. Bridges are good selfie place and photogenic views for your Facebook cover pictures 😜.

Chipping Camden – Again big market town like Burford but with one of the prettiest and finest high streets in UK. It’s a bill challenge to find a parking on high street itself, we managed to park in one of the hotel parkings and started our walk from there. We wandered around and enjoyed the market with good quality craft, antique and jewelry shops. Market Hall is the must see place, it was built some 400 years earlier but still well maintained and in good

Broadway – as it was getting dark and we had a long drive ahead till Manchester. Only thing we did in Broadway is to visit broadway tower. Good looking tower with an interesting history. Just walk little bit towards end there is a wonderful scenery from top. Small canteen near car parking servers refreshing coffee/tea.

By now you might guess that our Cotswolds trip was focused mainly for Photography.. Photography and Photography 😀. This is not a place if you are looking for city and town type of holidays. Go there to see the true quaint english countryside and enjoy some peaceful laid back time.

Thanks for reading. Happy traveling!!! 👋


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