An evening in Paris – 10 best spots for night photography

“Paris is always a good idea” for shots(🍺) and shots(📷). Okay with that being said we shall proceed! Here are some of our favorite night pictures and their locations in the map.

Location 1 – Arc de Triomphe

On map – here

A great way to get a different view of Paris. Not overly tall but high enough to get above the view of majority of Paris’ buildings and it’s free with Paris museum pass. Queue to go up was not that long, and there were a few people there on terrace. Be prepared to climb many stairs to get to the top! But it’s well worth it. We climbed at dusk and watched the sun setting over Paris, You can clearly see Champs Elysees and Eiffel tower on far left. You can see miles and miles on a clear day like we had and it is stunning.

Location 2 – Avenue de Friedland

On map – here

This picture is from the other side of road, we decided to stand at the right as opposed to the middle. The reason behind selecting this place is, we wanted to have some road traffic with the arc.

Location 3 – Montparnasse Tower viewing deck

On map – here

Without a doubt Montparnasse Tower provides the most beautiful view of Paris at night.

Take the lift to the 56 floor, where there’s a café, and souvenir shops, view is nice and they have some panels that show where the attractions are. But take the stairs and go to the 59 floor(viewing deck) to get the best 360 view of Paris. Plan to get up there right before sunset and if it’s a clear day you can see almost everything. Go early enough to beat the crowds and then watch the sun go down. You can stay as long as you want up-to 11pm.

Location 4 – Place du Trocadero

On map – here

If you can get the water fountains below along with a front row view of the Eiffel tower with Left and right banks of Paris with river Seine running in between nothing like that. This spot offers the best view – there is no question about it. Countless movies and photos are shot from this location. It is also the best place to get pictures of the tower at night when it is illuminated as well as when the lights twinkle every hour on the hour. The Trocadero by night is one of the recommended “must do” experiences.

Location 5 – Port Debilly
On map – here

If you are walking by the river, you’ll recognize it as the first bridge that you pass under after departing from Port de la Bourdonnais. There is an interesting history behind – It’s an arched pedestrian bridge was built as a temporary structure, but ended up being a permanent fixture because it was so well-constructed. Only way to get better view of it is from the river but It’s also a great place to take pictures of the Eiffel Tower. Especially at night when it sparkles at the top of the hour and reflections can be seen in the water. Great spot for a picnic if you happen to visit during the warm months.
Location 6 – Le Pont de Bir-Hakeim
On map – here
This bridge is located right next to the metro station(with the same name). If you want to see Eiffel tower from different side maybe you can try this place! You can also go there to get a taste of your own Inception moment. Yes! This bridge famous from the movie Inception, it’s the spot Leonardo’s character Cobb was training Ariadne on the basics on mind construct.

Location 7 – Louvre Museum
On map – here
We went to the Louvre twice, once during the day when it was massively busy and finally come across the Mona Lisa – so surprised to see by how small she is. Second time at night when there were no crowds, It was empty in night and, so beautiful. Day view was crowded but still amazing but night view was extraordinary.

For the best photos visit at night, much quieter with fewer people allows for better pictures and the way the glass pyramid is light up is highly recommended.

Location 8 – Carrousel Arc de Triomphe
On map – here
Across the street from the Louvre pyramid- the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel is at the start of the Tuileries Gardens and the end of the Louvre. From the arc, you can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance, as well as the arc’s larger sibling, the Arc de Triomphe de l’Etoile. Both arcs were commissioned by Napoleon, and while the bigger Arc de Triomphe de l’Etoile is more famous.

Location 9 – The Pont Alexandre III
On map – here

This bridge is so romantic at night and brings to earlier days in France. Such a beautiful piece of architecture and a perfect vantage point for watching the bright sparkles of the Eiffel Tower on the hour every hour. Magical! Gilded accents on many of the statues and magnificent lampposts makes it great spot for the photographer and movies. From Midnight in Paris, Mission Impossible(new) to James Bond’s A View to a Kill, the Pont Alexandre III has been a favorite location for movies.

Location 10 – Musée de l’Armée

On map – here

The Esplanade is a large green space in between Les Invalides and Pont Alexandre III. It is a good place to walk through on your way to the Seine. It’s gorgeous at night – with the army museum on one end and Alexandre III bridge on the other. From closer to the museum you can see the Eiffel Tower as well. It’s worth seeing this building in the day and night, as it looks different. The actual building holds a museum, French foreign ministry and the home office of Air France are also located around.

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