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Mobor beach – the hidden gem of Goa

We have been on many trips in last 3-4 years but, this trip in particular is “special” for us. Why? You already know by now. Yes!!! This was our honeymoon trip.


City of the gods – Teotihuacan

Until we reached Teotihuacan (slight tongue twister to pronounce), we weren’t aware that we are about to see the third largest pyramid in the world, Pyramid of the Sun. It is fascinating to that the pyramids were built thousands of years ago are still standing, and we had a chance to climb and experience them.

A must see! – Vatican Museum

The most common item found in everyone’s travel bucket list is Vatican Museum. Giant, magnificent, spectacular, amazing this is how people describe it. We planned an 8 day multi city tour of Italy in 2016 which included visiting Vatican City as well. This is the place you so often see on TV and in films(like Angels and Demons) but nothing can prepare you for the size and grandeur of it, truly spectacular!!!.