Solvang – a piece of Denmark in California

It was our first new year celebration after marriage and because it is a once in a lifetime experience, we wanted to make it special. We had been looking for a much needed break for our special occasion, and had no great plans in mind, just wanted to stroll around in warm winter sun on the streets of a cozy village. Why Solvang?. Its location … Continue reading Solvang – a piece of Denmark in California

Cotswolds – a photographer’s paradise

Have you ever had a romantic dream? Honey-colored cottages, small stone footbridges, narrow smoky streets and river running through. Fairytale is’t it? First glimpse of cotswolds left us speechless. Some cottages seem hundreds of year old but they have aged so gracefully through the years and well preserved till today. You can walk from one end of village to the other within minutes. Streets are … Continue reading Cotswolds – a photographer’s paradise