Travelling while pregnant

Pregnancy and travel why? Now? Is it really required? And so on….

We faced # of such questions when we disclosed our trip plan to friend and family. But trust me one should plan one. It’s not only for you it’s for that tiny little beating next to yours. Who can feel everything, that fresh breeze of air, gigantic snowcap mountains, cashing sound of ocean waves and piping hot cup of chocolate in chilling weather Continue reading Travelling while pregnant

Applying New Zealand visitor visa from USA

Wondering!! Why, there is so less content available on visitor visa processing? While applying for visa from USA( being an India passport holder) we struggled to find the correct process. Sometimes stuck at certain stage and now what next. So just thought to pen down the steps we followed and some important points. Hope it helps!. New Zealand visitor visa is a short term visa … Continue reading Applying New Zealand visitor visa from USA