Applying Schengen visa(Spain) from USA

So before I go any further, let me tell you this was our third Schengen visa. We already knew most of the process including forms, documents so why again I am writing here about Schengen visa? This blog is mostly our experience with the General Consulate of Spain in San Francisco and the end to end steps we followed. The process is mostly the same and here it goes Continue reading Applying Schengen visa(Spain) from USA

My favorite pictures of 2018

It has always amazed me how photographs can bring back tons of memories: and not just of a background, place or the technical aspects surrounding an image. The synapses of the brain are so closely connected that a whole stack of memories and feelings can be evoked by an picture.

In choosing my favorite photographs, I realized that it was more difficult than I imagined to chose my top photographs for the year, at any rate, here is the selection I have chosen. Continue reading My favorite pictures of 2018